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Cibdol CBD Oil

Cibdol CBD Oil

5.00 out of 5
$120.00 $100.00
Flavour: Honey
Brand: Cibdol
Amount: 50ml -1000 Drops
Percentage CBD: 4%
CBD: 2000mg CBD

Cibdol CBD Oil Details

BUY CIBDOL HEMP SEED OIL Cibdol is one of the leading manufacturers of CBD oils and guarantees the absolute purity of this product. CBD oil is extracted exclusively from natural hemp and is free from chemicals, hormones, and GMOs. This CBD oil contains 4% cannabidiol and is manufactured to the same standards as other CBD oils from Cibdol. CBD oil at 4% gives health-conscious consumers more freedom to choose a personal dosage based on their individual CBD needs. 1000 drops of golden yellow honey-flavored oil will last for a long time and it will give you only good emotions.

BEST USES FOR PURE CIBDOL CBD OIL The recommended dose per day is 1-2 drops up to three times a day so that throughout the day you feel as comfortable as possible and feel harmony with yourself and the world around you. This oil will not only improve your physical well-being but also your mental one. You will feel as focused and relaxed as possible. All your concentration will be on good, positive thoughts, which will definitely have a good effect on your productivity and positive attitude throughout the day. You will not be tormented by headaches and restlessness.

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Great cbd oil product.

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