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Order marijuana seeds to grow cannabis with solid genetics

Cannabis can be either male or female, but the latter is known for producing desirable buds. Basically, there are three types of marijuana seeds for sale:

  • Regular. It is a combination of males and females that hasn’t been backcrossed as much as autoflower or feminized seeds.
  • Feminized. It produces only female phenotype, so you don’t have to be concerned about the plants getting pollinated.
  • Autoflowering. A species of the Cannabis plant, ruderalis, begins flowering automatically irrespective of the amount of light they receive. These are easier to maintain than regular seeds, and growers have the flexibility to fit in multiple autoflower harvests.

Genetics is the most significant factor in seed quality, and a good breeder will always take time to stabilize the most desirable characters!

What are some of the best marijuana seeds to buy?

Different states have different degrees of legality, and it can be challenging to navigate the cannabis seed market. We are here to make things easier for you. Our seed bank provides cheap cannabis seeds online from various breeders. Some of them include:

  • Mexican sativa. If you think sativas can be challenging and expensive to grow, this seed will change your mind. Experienced growers prefer it for a short flowering period and high yield. It can do well even in cold conditions!
  • Master Kush. If you are an old-school indica fan, this classic strain offers the true value of money. You get trichome-laden resinous buds with plenty of THC and CBD on offer.
  • Amnesia haze. It is one of the most popular cannabis strains with a rich history. Being a long flowering sativa, it may take a little time for harvestable yields, but they are impressively high. You can expect a yield of around 21 ounces per meter square when grown indoors.
  • AK47. Suitable for both commercial and in-house cultivation, AK47 is relatively easier to grow than other strains. Proper ventilation and temperature control are important for maximum yield.
  • OG Kush. This auto-flowering marijuana seed produces heavy and resinous cannabis buds with Indica-leaning characteristics. The delectable flavor is one of the greatest assets of this strain, and her manageable size is perfect for indoor and outdoor cultivation.

Before you order marijuana seeds, you will need to figure out what strain you want to grow and your expectations. There are plenty of options available to match your requirements!

Mega Weed Dispensary – The best place to buy marijuana seeds online

A lot of dispensaries focus on selling end products of cannabis, and it can be challenging to find high-quality seeds on the market. At Mega Weed Dispensary, we grew out of this concern and expanded our catalog to include some of the best medical marijuana seeds for sale. Quality is the base of our existence, and we strive to deliver products of high-quality genetics. There are no two ways about our operation. Everything from the breeding information to the cost of cannabis seeds is accurate and transparent. Feel free to contact us if you have any doubts.

Mega Weed Dispensary is in partnership with the largest cannabis greenhouse and organic producers in the Golden State.

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