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Afghani Red Wrap Hash

Afghani Red Wrap Hash

5.00 out of 5
Read on how to take hashish.

BUY AFGHANI RED WRAP HASH Afghani red wrap hashish got its name in honor of its geographical location since this variety was found one of the first. This is an unusual variety, of unusual quality, one of the most potent indica marijuana varieties. A pungent, earthy sweet smell, reminiscent of a combination of coffee and berries, the smoke is delicious, rich, spicy, and sweet. Beautiful multi-colored buds, dense enough to split easily. It is also known for its high resin yield. It differs in its rigid consistency, but for all its rigidity it remains quite pliable.

BEST USES FOR RED AFGHANI STRAIN Medically relieves major stress, the best treatment for PTSD, insomnia, anxiety, depression, nausea, and loss of appetite. There is a feeling of intense buzz, but at the same time, your mind remains clear, the feeling of distraction disappears. You will feel the effect after a few minutes, you will feel how your body relaxes and you feel euphoric. You may feel like giggling and eating because your mood and appetite will improve and the pain in your entire body will disappear. It is one of the best indica-dominated medicinal strains.

Afghani Red Wrap Hash Details

Smell: Spicy
Taste: Spicy, somewhat harsh on the throat. This hash can induce coughing in inexperienced users.
Consistency: Stiff but pliable.
Effect: A very physical and stony high.
Potency: Typical potency for Afghani Hash which runs about 50%-65% THC. The high takes about 5 minutes to reach it's full potential.
Quantities Prices
15 grams $250
30 grams $450
100 grams $1500
300 grams $3500
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