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CBD Hemp Oil Peppermint 500mg

Dixie CBD Hemp Oil Peppermint 500mg

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Warning! Ensure to read the enclosed leaflet before consumption.

BUY HEMP OIL PEPPERMINT DROPS Peppermint cookies are one of the Girl Scout cookie phenotypes grown. This is a slightly indicative leaning to Girl Scout cookie that has received high marks for its stimulating, well-balanced flavor and pungent herbal flavor. It is from this strain that this oil is made. The jar contains 60 ml of oil, each drop of which will refresh not only the breath of porridge but also the gray routine thanks to the 500 mg of CBD in the composition. The pleasant color and consistency of the butter is perfectly complemented by the excellent aroma and taste of refreshing mint, the taste is also somewhat reminiscent of a creamy biscuit or raw cookie dough.

BEST USES FOR PEPPERMINT HEMP OIL Peppermint cookies have a maximum that grows slowly and gradually before their effects can be fully discovered. The initial effects you will feel are a heightening of all your senses and receptors, which will definitely make you more curious and awaken your motivation. You cannot say that you will be super focused, as your stream of thoughts will force you to think about many things at the same time without stopping. Instead of being focused, allow yourself to be happy, hazy and dreamy when you relax in the most comfortable environment. Medically speaking, peppermint cookies are effective pain relievers, relieve chronic aches and pains, and relieve muscle tension.

About the CBD Hemp Oil Peppermint 500mg

What could be a better accompaniment to your morning and nightly routine than a burst of peppermint that's great for both your breath and overall health. Each drop of Dixie Botanicals" Peppermint Dew Drops will effervesce the floral and fragrant flavors and aromas of peppermint throughout your palate, while the all-natural, CBD hemp oil will refresh your daily supplemental routine. Enjoy the powerful sensations of the spicy, yet cooling peppermint CBD tincture drops after brushing your teeth and finish your day with a nighttime dose in your evening tea.
* Dixie Botanicals® Dew Drops now feature a convenient dropper top
* 500mg of CBD
* All-Natural, Non-GMO Hemp Grown in Northern Europe
* Delicious and Refreshing Peppermint Flavor
* Elegant Bottle and Design
* Easy to Use Oral Applicator
  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Very nice product, your store is the best dispensary.

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