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Cherry Pie THC Oil

Cherry Pie THC Oil - 6257mg THC (10 ml)

5.00 out of 5
$510.00 $490.00
Read on how to take hash oil.

BUY CHERRY PIE OIL The oil is made from a potent strain whose buds are very aromatic and oily. The oil can be used as a stand-alone product, as an additive to food and drinks, and for vaping. The texture of the oil is liquid, and the color has a golden-red hue, slightly turning into light brown. It is also worth noting its pleasant summer taste - sweet cherry flavor, with hints of blueberries and an earthy aftertaste. The aroma is as pleasant as its taste, the sweet aroma of cherry or even cherry pie will leave pleasant impressions about this oil, which will be liked by many.

BEST USES FOR CHERRY PIE STRAIN OIL The oil has an intensely relaxing effect, you will immediately feel the tension leaving your body, limbs relax first, and then your mind. After a good rest, you will be more co-centered and motivated for new creative achievements and projects. It will give you vitality and joy, which is certainly good for the body. It is also used medicinally to relieve head and menstrual lobes and migraines. And if you suffer from stress, depression, and anxiety, this remedy is great for replacing all bad thoughts with good ones and concentrating on them.

Cherry Pie THC Oil Details

Dose: ~687 mg of activated cannabinoids per ml (72% by weight) Total amount of THC in 10 ml Bottle is 6257 mg. (625.7 mg/ml)
Profile: THC dominant - 625.7 mg/ml activated THC, 5.9 mg/ml CBD, 17.0 mg/ml CBG, 1.4 mg/ml CBN, 14.2 mg/ml CBC (other cannabinoids listed below)
Quantities Prices
5 ml $245
10 ml $490
15 ml $730
  1. Rated 4.5 out of 5

    Excellent marijuana cherry pie THC hash oil.

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