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Blackberry Kush Cannabis Oil

Blackberry Kush Cannabis Oil

5.00 out of 5
$270.00 $250.00
THC (THC + THCa): 60.73%, CBD (CBD + CBDa): 2.94%, CBN: 63.67%

BUY BLACKBERRY KUSH CANNABIS OIL As the name implies, this is a blackberry and Afghani strain oil. Indica predominates in this hybrid, making it ideal for nighttime consumption. Blackberry Kush Oil is a predominantly Indica strain with buds covered with fine red hairs and many trichomes. The green buds are intertwined with purples, yellows, and blacks. The oil is light, clean. The color of the oil is somewhat reminiscent of the color of honey. The smell is a berry, slightly earthy, a mixture of sweet and spicy aromas. Recommended for more experienced smokers as it is very potent. Ideal for people who want simplicity to relax and tidy up their thoughts.

BEST USES FOR BLACKBERRY KUSH THC OIL Almost immediately, you will feel a gentle smooth relaxation of your body, then your mind may cloud a little. This is only the first stage. The next step will be the complete focus and increased mindfulness. You may also feel intense hunger. But mostly you will be in a euphoric state, you will be very happy. And if you were tormented by pain, then you will cease to feel them. This strain is excellent at fighting stress, pain, insomnia, nausea, and lack of appetite. These are the same indica effects that also make the strain suitable for nighttime use. It is also highly recommended for those dealing with disorders that affect their ability to cope with stress, nervousness, and anxiety.

Blackberry Kush Cannabis Oil Details

Some of the effects reported from Blackberry Kush Cannabis Oil are:
* Relaxed
* Happy
* Euphoric
* Hungry
* Creative
Patients report Blackberry Kush Cannabis Oil helps them manage:
* Stress
* Nausea
* Pain
* Depress
* Fatigue
Quantities Prices
5 ml $250
10 ml $500
15 ml $750
  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Quality cannabis oil, this is just the perpect product for my pain.

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