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afghan black Hash

Afghan Black Hash

5.00 out of 5
Read on how to take hashish.

BUY AFGHAN BLACK HASH Black Afghan Hash has a complex composition, very small and dense indica flowers are used for its production, which prevails in the composition, have a dark almost black color and sugar leaves. Water or tea is used for pressing. Hashish is processed to achieve elasticity and a strong aroma. Has a pronounced aroma of pepper, earth, sage with hints of dark berries. Ultimately, the product is pressed into hash balls, black on the outside and dark green on the inside. It is pressed into balls because this minimizes interaction with air, for longer storage.

BEST USES FOR BLACK AFGHAN HASHISH Rather, this strain is intended to completely relax your body and your thoughts. Helps fight chronic insomnia, as one of the predominant effects of this strain is sleepiness. Helps to cope with different types of pain, such as headache or menstrual pain, gives a feeling of complete relaxation and after the pain subsides, a feeling of lightness. Helps fight anxiety as your body and mind, the feeling of euphoria will overwhelm you and you will feel better than ever. If you want to completely relax and do nothing after a tough week, this option is ideal.

Afghan Black Hash Details

Potency: Potent, sometimes very potent. It's easy to underestimate the potency of Afghani since the high takes about 5 minutes to reach it's full potential. (1.7%-6.5% THC) Availability: Quite rare, especially good qualities. Beside Moroccan Hash, Afghani is the most common kind of Hash on the European market. The price is usually higher than Moroccan but quality differs greatly. If I have the choice of Moroccan or Afghani then I would go for the stonier and more narcotic Afghani. Various: The softest Afghani isn't always the best - coconut or other oils are often added in the originating country. There is also some Hash-Oil which is being produced from Afghani, usually the quality is excellent. Most people I know are bored of Afghani if they have to smoke it for a long time, on the other side there are people who love this stuff.
Effect: Afghan hash can be considered good medicine for many ailments. Because of the severe potency the effect can be almost narcotic. Once you enjoy Afghan hash you'll receive a very physical and stony high.
Smell: The smell of this hash is a consistent spicy to very spicy aroma. You could use this for simple aroma therapy. Once you vaporize or combust afghan hash you'll still smell the same great spice cleanly.
Quantities Prices
15 grams $250
30 grams $450
100 grams $1500
300 grams $3500
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    Excellent marijuana product.

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